The Market

The market at Café Sophie is a retail journey of food staples and curated finds from around the world handpicked by Dan and his team.

These are the must-have products that make a simple dish or dinner spectacular. Specialty chocolates from Portland, small batch pastas and tomato sauce from Italy, fresh bouquets of flowers, an extensive wine collection – this market is your new favorite stop wherever you’re headed.

We are proud to feature items from small producers local to the Chicagoland area and across the US that highlight some of the team’s favorite family-run farms, women-owned and minority-owned businesses such as Phoenix Bean tofu, Big Fork sausages, Dairyland’s Best milk, Victory Dance granola, Field & Farmer condiments, and puff snacks from Heyo.

Additionally, Old World-focused wines, a collection of spirits and local beers will fill the floor-to-ceiling library shelves while a refrigerated section will house everyday necessities like milk and eggs, cheese and charcuterie meats, and quick-meal offerings like empanadas, pierogis and more.

Check out our Favorite Products of the Month!

Spirit Almond

Region: Culver City, CA

"In Japan, it's said that good food sparks good spirit and vitality. The ideal snack should be exciting, fun and crave worthy, while also being healthy and uplifting. Spirit Almond makes Japanese style dry roasted almonds using only 100% natural plant-based ingredients. The result? Superfood Almonds flavored with the best possible ingredients."

Victory Dance Granola

Region: Chicago, IL

A women owned business in the heart of Chicago shaking up the granola world one bag at a time. Vibrant, 100% natural colors, slightly sweet, a little zesty, loaded with benefits and every bite is a taste bud sensation. Certified Gluten Free, non-GMO, Vegan, no refined sugars and totally plant based!

Ortiz Sardines, Anchovies & Tuna

Region: Spain

Items: Sardines, Anchovies & Tuna "This family-owned cannery in the Basque Country of Spain has been inspiring chefs for over 100 years. Their commitment to sustainable fishing, artisan methods, and outstanding flavor sets them apart and makes them a model for the seafood industry.

1932 Tomato Sauce

Region: Italy

Time honored family recipes using tomatoes picked from the sun-drenched fields of the Emilia Roagna countryside. Since 1932, three generations of the Barbieri family have produced traditional Italian foods that are minimally processed while preserving the integrity of the ingredients, taste, texture and color.

Rustichella D' Abruzzo Pasta

Region: Italy

For Rustichella d'Abruzzo it's the high-quality semolina, bronze died extrusion process and the postproduction cooking tests that set them apart from other pasta makers. The drying process is slow and cool, up to 50 hours at 35-40 degrees. The texture and taste is what sets them apart as the most traditional pasta in the world.